The i in Team

We realise more and more that the world we live and work in requires more people to tackle the level of complexity. The days of the individual contributor is over in many vocations. But, the team is still made up of individuals, so the personal development of these individuals is key to a successful team.

This Program

A series of individual or team coaching sessions make up this program. We will be working through models together, to gain new perspectives, to broaden the mindset and add to the set of skills needed for great teamwork. The program is individually tailored, but is usually made up of 6-12 sessions.

The following video can explain a bit deeper how models can be used during the program:

Who this program is for

If you feel you want to step up your teamwork, this program is for you, either as an individual or as the full team. What kind of team, what kind of domain or business, does not matter, as long as there’s room for improvement in your interactions with other people you work with.

Program Outcomes

The program will help open up inert abilities for the participants to handle more complex situations which is key in teamwork, by understanding others and themselves better, and taking deliberate and thoughtful actions. The participant will gain new skills, new perspectives and often a new mindset.

Program Experience

This is what some previous participants have to say about the program:

“I cannot express how effective his coaching sessions were for personal and team development. Martin met with myself and other King colleagues weekly to allow each team member to grow within their scope as individuals who collaborate in an intertwining organization.”Andre Prihodko, software developer at King

“Martin was a mentor as I moved to my new career in UX. His knowledge and approach to teaching enabled me to look at my personal development in ways I’d never considered.”Stacey Howsham, UX designer at King

“I treasure the tools I got to handle complex situations.”Elizabeth Vargas, Product Manager at King


This program stands out as a guided exploration journey, rather than traditional coaching or mentoring sessions. When exploring, this program will take different ways based on who are the participants, and it will switch between coaching, mentoring and reflection.

Expression of interest

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