Martin Christensen

Martin is a transformational coach enabling empowered teams, effective organisations and successful products since around 2017. He has been helping the end user of a product or service through well-founded Product Discovery, UX design and Agile coaching since 2001. Between 2002 and 2008, he was a university teacher and after that he has been sharing his knowledge and experience in many different forms and places. Martin’s full resumé can be found here on his site – 

Martin focuses on developing people’s self-leadership and leadership skills, which have been highly successful both for the individuals and their impact in the organisation. 

Martin’s goal when coaching is to create motivation to become something better – better for yourselves, for the business and for the users. For me, it is equally important to build the right product as to build it in the right way, including making you feel awesome in the process. As a coach, his core tenets for creating sustainable change are empathy, focus, and honesty and he strives to make individuals and teams self-sufficient with new tools and thinking.

Martin has also co-authored a book about how to implement product discovery and delivery methods with highly collaborative empowered teams working towards the Product Operating model. Read more about the Holistic Product Discovery book here.