Complexity is not Supercomplicated

In today’s fast-paced world, navigating complexity is a critical capability for everyone. This session uncovers the ‘super complicated trap’ — the common and costly error of trying to deal with complex problems using overly intricate solutions. Learn why such approaches work poorly, how to recognize when you’re caught in the maze of super complication and how to shift to strategies that truly embrace complexity. Gain practical techniques to adjust your current methods and actionable insights that can enhance your effectiveness, starting tomorrow.

This Workshop

Building on the lightning talk Complexity is not Super Complicated, this free workshop explores how we all can foster a mindset, contribute to a culture and building a toolbox to more effectively handle complex situations and complex tasks (which is where the most of us spend most of our time). This leads to faster and better outcomes, deeper awareness and an ability to handle challenges that have previously been impossible to tackle.

Who this workshop is for

This workshop is a great fit for anyone who wants to work more effectively with complex challenges and avoid falling into the Super Complicated Trap; the reduction of complex challenges to complicated ones in order to handle them with complicated tools and mindsets, which won’t effectively solve the problem and catches the actor in an endless loop of more and more complicated solutions.

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Esbjörn Hyltefors