Change Without Mandate

There is an unfortunate paradox in the world of organisational development: the people who are most suitable to drive change – employees and consultants with direct contact with daily work problems – do not have the necessary mandate to do so. Hence they are waiting for management to act or for permission to act themselves, often in vain. Meanwhile, managers and CXO:s – who have the mandate to initiate change – are too far from the action and too influenced by big consultant firms and fancy frameworks to understand a) that change is needed, b) what kind of change is needed and/or c) how to create that change in a meaningful and lasting way. But what if there was a way for anyone to successfully initiate and drive change, regardless of their power, position and permission? And what if that approach gave consistently better results and outcomes than the alternatives?

This Course

Imagine going from the frustration of seeing what needs to be changed in your organisation but not being able to initiate that change, to successfully create that needed change with calm, ease and confidence. This course offers insight and capability in Peaceful Transformation; a simple yet powerful approach that allows you to initiate, drive and catalyze successful and powerful change in your environment, whatever and wherever it is. And the best part, it works even if – or especially if – you don’t have the role of a change leader or the official mandate to drive change. This course will open new doors for you, change your perspective on what’s needed to drive change and give you a highly tangible five-part approach that you can start using as soon as the course is over!

Who this program is for

If the described possibilities interest you, this program is a great fit for you, regardless of your role, experience or former training.
A few examples of roles that will find lots of value in the program:

  • Regular Contributors, Consultants and Experts in their field, who can see unfulfilled potential and better ways for the job to be done but who experience that they do not have the power or position to create the necessary change.
  • Project Managers and Coordinators, who have big responsibility for deliveries but no real mandate to transform how work is done.
  • Low and Mid-Level Managers and Leaders, who are close enough to the action to see the need for change, but not high enough in the hierarchy to drive those changes.
  • HR Professionals, who have the overview and connections in the organisation to see changes needed to be done, but not being considered change agents.
  • Agile Coaches, Enterprise Coaches and Organisational Developers who are trying to help organisations work better, smarter or more effectively but who do not have enough power to really change the way of working.

Program Outcomes

Participants will emerge with an understanding of – and an ability to create – successful change and transformation. They will be ready to act in their environment to drive powerful change, regardless of their role or mandate, and they will experience the capability to effortlessly achieve bigger, better and more sustainable results and outcomes than before.

Program Experience

Comprising two full-day sessions with 1-2 weeks pause in between, this course uses a blend of experiential learning, theoretical instruction, practical exercises and shared sense-making. The first day covers all the necessary parts to be able to drive successful change initiatives without a mandate. The second day responds to the questions that participants have after using the approach during 1-2 weeks in their every-day work, and it also introduces glimpses of next-level theory that can be used to refine and sharpen the basic formula and make the participants even more capable change agents.

Program setup

This course prioritizes active learning, encouraging participants to engage with questions, group discussions, and reflective exercises. This interactive format not only enhances learning outcomes but also fosters a collaborative learning environment and generates new relationships that can be used long after the program ends.


This program stands out as a guided exploration journey where practical knowledge is intertwined with new insights, rather than the traditional, structured teaching where a lot of theoretical knowledge proceeds actual skills and tools. It embodies an evolutionary approach where a basic but fully functional approach is taught during the first half hour of the course and then explored and refined during usage and discussion in the rest of the course. Two co-leads fosters a dynamic space for conversation and collective sense-making. Participants are not just passive recipients of information; they are active explorers, co-creating knowledge and understanding, and gaining new information, perspectives and experiences.

Expression of interest

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