The Systems Within

Illuminating the Personal, Ancestral, and Systemic Voices Inside to become a Clearer Vessel.

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Evolving as herd animals over hundreds of thousands of years, our human instincts have been honed for belonging and sensing into others, especially in systems. To not belong was to risk death, so our consciousness evolved to listen to the voice of the tribe and its rules for belonging, before we are even able to distinguish our own individual voice. But we have forgotten this history and think that that systemic voice is really our own.

The intention of the program is to become aware of the systems within you and the systems of which you are a part (those in which you have a place), to notice how these systems can “run” you, at times even compromising your success; at the same time, to see the ways in which they bring you strength. Our goal will be to Integrate these inner parts, to see them clearly, to surrender to and accept them, and therefore to no longer be run by them, while at the same time owning their strength. This process enables you to transcend to a new expression, differentiated from the past, an expression of the free self and individual destiny.

In sum, to see, accept, integrate, and become part of these systems; to transcend to an expression that is your unique differentiation of spirit, uniquely and more distinctly you, allowing the evolutionary impulse to work through you.


This program is the foundational prerequisite for a multi-module, long term training program in systemic work (constellations) and neo-shamanic work in organizations. The current program also works as a standalone course, helping practitioners illuminate and untangle the systems of which they are a part, so they may do their work more freely and unencumbered, thereby becoming a clearer vessel for transformational work.


Our approach will be to do a series of simple structural constellations in small groups and large group demos, to illuminate, include, and integrate the various systems that live within us, those that “whisper in our ear” to say this or think that, periodically “running us” in ways that keep us limited and reacting in loyalty to the past, rather than acting from the present and stepping into our destiny.


  • You will identify blocks to doing clear work with new client systems, based on the systems that unconsciously run you.
  • You will identify – and may begin to resolve – hot button issues from the systems (family, ethnic, educational, organizational) that you have / do belong to – those that still express themselves through your consciousness and behavior.
  • You will feel more confident in doing healing and transformational work with team-, organizational- and societal-systems.
  • You will learn the most basic skill of systemic work, representational perception.
  • You will become familiar with basic structural constellation formats, and be able to use them for yourself and others in small groups.
  • Seeing your inner systems, differentiating from them, making a place for them (rather than excluding them); no longer run by them, now you have the ability to make a choice about how the system is expressed, and how you express yourself in freedom.

Journey of the Program

  • The first day of (2) sessions will be on the Family – first the family of origin, then the ancestors, especially “perpetrators” or others who were excluded, as these exclusions create systemic problems.
  • The second day of (2) sessions will be on Ethnic and/or Religious and/or National affiliations that live in us. These are more powerful than we may realize.
  • The third day of (3) sessions will start with Educational and/or Professional role affiliations with which you identified and your training, then on organizations to which you have belonged, or currently belong, including your existing company or client.
  • The fourth day of (2) sessions will work on integration of the “inside team”, inner / secret selves – the parts that live within you as a system, and could include your body and/or the biological systems within you.
  • The fifth day will provide an integrating worldview, that will essentially be a shamanic orientation to the future work, and provide an integrating context for the work done during the previous 4 days.
  • A theme throughout will be the Inner System, which we will pull like a thread through the program – asking: how does this system still live in us, and therefore “run us” unconsciously? Some external parts need to be acknowledged so they can be at peace and let go.


Duration: Five days, approximately four hours each day, spread over two weeks to allow intergration time

Supplements: homework, program chat channel, readings

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